Affordable Housing

In 2013, the 9th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey reported that Evansville had the most affordable housing market of any city with less than 1,000,000 people in the world.


While this designation was an honor for our city, the ranking didn't unpack the whole reality of affordable housing in Evansville. In fact, in the year following this designation the Sustainable Evansville Area Coalition noted that "blight, high vacancy rates, and dilapidated housing stock" is the reason we scored so high. What that means is Evansville has a high amount of old, failing houses, which often come with high utility bills, making it a significant challenge for residents to find a home that's safe, affordable, and available.

Housing Stock

The Evansville housing market contains 58,828 individual housing units. However, there is a lack of availability in the housing stock.


According to the Department of Urban Development, "Evansville’s rate of foreclosure is 40% higher than the national average, and many of the homes that fell into foreclosure were the lower priced homes in the urban core, owned by lower income persons who...were forced to abandon their properties."

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