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Uniting the church for the restoration of the city

Church Leaders For Evansville


As a church leader, you want to inspire and equip followers of Jesus to love and serve their neighbors. When the Church does it together, our whole city begins to experience life as God intended it. We help church leaders build relationships to represent Jesus well and serve the city together. 

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Get the right help to the right people at the right time.

 CharityTracker allows nonprofits, local government, churches, and schools to share information securely, accurately, and immediately.

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Get equipped to love your city well with  CITYSHELF

What does the Bible have to say about cities? What is God doing in our city? How can the Church of Evansville work together to bring the whole Gospel to Evansville?


We've compiled books, videos, blog posts and more to help you understand the role you and your church play in making Evansville a flourishing city. 

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