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Economic Capacity

In order to flourish, people need access to a job that pays a living wage.

Children & Poverty
Vanderburgh County Unemployment Rate
Vanderburgh County Unemployment Rate.jpg

Since peak unemployment in 2010, the rate has dropped to a very healthy 3.2%, following national trends.

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is considered a "living wage" for a family of four


is the area median income for Evansville households


is what a family living in poverty might make in a year

Average Household Income Per Socioeconomic Status
Average Household Income by Socioeconomi

25% of Evansville residents live in poverty.


That's about 27,000 people. The national poverty rate is 12.3%. Most of Evansville's poverty is concentrated within neighborhoods close to the urban core.

Image by Liam Martens

40% of Evansville residents live paycheck to paycheck.


This means that while their basic expenses are covered, they can't afford to save money, and one unexpected expense (like a medical bill or automotive repair) could threaten their financial stability.

10.3% of Evansville households earn less than $10,000 per year.
Workforce Education Levels
Workforce Education Levels.jpg


of Vanderburgh County adults have a high school diploma or higher (age 25 & up)


of Vanderburgh County adults have a bachelor's degree or higher (age 25 & up)

Evansville Area Employment Fields.jpg


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