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Pivoting in a Crisis

A local nonprofit shares how they shifted their entire organization during the pandemic to prioritize the changing needs of the families they serve.

This interview is part of a larger documentary project highlighting what the pandemic can teach us about Evansville's challenges and how we can confront them together.

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Because of the disruptions brought on by COVID-19, For Evansville shifted its convening strategy to a digital platform for nonprofit organizations that provide direct services within a neighborhood strategy.


Those organizations shared insights and encouragement with one another three times per week as each leader sought to adapt to the changing needs of those they serve. Over the next few months, these nonprofits were joined by several other nonprofits, churches, and the school corporation to solve rising needs.  

These conversations allowed everyone involved to better understand and respond to needs that arose. By regularly sharing resources and information, the

group could better pivot their own programming and also create or catalyze solutions, such as:

  • Highlighting the digital divide experienced among students in the area and spurring the development of the school corporation’s strategy to bridge that divide

  • Creating three episodes of Tips for Stressed Out Parents, using Facebook Live with a panel of child psychologists, teachers, homeschool parents, social workers, special education teachers.

  • Seeking funding together by applying for collaborative grant opportunities

  • Providing the opportunity to assist financial assistance organizations in committing to and leveraging a shared database system across the region 

The Ground Game Call

Ground Game Call.png

“The Ground Game call is one of the silver linings sparked by the crisis, giving Youth First the opportunity to connect and innovate in new ways and with new partners.”


President & CEO

Youth First

"This regular check-in with other leaders provided deep personal and professional value. These leaders have been deeply encouraging and challenging, and have led me to consider whole new realms of possibilities and approaches."


Executive Director

Dream Center

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