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Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Better information allows you to better serve.

Evansville nonprofits and churches have begun sharing information with each other through Charity Tracker in order to better understand and assist those they serve.

A Collaborative Database Allows You to:

Understand a client's circumstances quickly and more completely

Coordinate with other providers to avoid duplicating services

Provide the best assistance possible for our community’s residents

Assure your donors that they are contributing to long-term outcomes

The cost of Charity Tracker has been covered for all of Southwest Indiana until April 2021.



Southwest Indiana Coordinator

The Salvation Army

"Charity Tracker has been a game changer for Social Services at The Salvation Army. It has so many features that truly allow us to engage with each client. We go over budgeting, how COVID-19 has impacted their family, and what the families needs are; all before talking about our financial assistance.


This allows us to incorporate some casework into each session, which is finding to be a huge success in the family's transition out of this pandemic."

“We believe one of the key things we are to do as a church is to love our neighbors well. When the church and local organizations fail to work together, it is often the people we are both trying to love that are most deeply hurt.


We have been using Charity Tracker since it was made available by For Evansville because it is a great tool to help us work together with other churches and local organizations to ensure that those in need receive the love and support they need.”



Family Ministries Pastor

Crossroads Christian Church

These organizations & more are already using Charity Tracker:

Salvation Army

Catholic Charities Diocese of Evansville

Crossroads Christian Church

Evansville Christian Life Center


Christian Resource Center of Spencer Co.

Over 1,700 cities
use Charity Tracker to securely record and share information about financial assistance and other services provided to people in need.
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