Become an agent of racial unity.

This year-long, Gospel-centered training program will equip participants to live a racially-reconciled life and cultivate racial unity in their churches and workplaces.


Racial division has deep roots in our culture and in human history. Being part of the solution requires commitment and a long-term personal investment.

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Educational & Relational

By bringing together a diverse learning community, this program will allow participants to grow in empathy and trust while they grow in knowledge.

Training Led By


Founder of Learners of Christ the King United

Ubi is someone devoted to overcoming all kinds of barriers to unity among the body of Christ. He has facilitated many productive discussions about differing traditions and doctrines, as well as ethnicity and culture, and he has a gift for creating space "between the hashtags" for Christians to learn together.



& Doing

In addition to learning through reading and discussion, participants will be immersed in experiences that allow them to see from a different perspective.

Taking Orders
Study group

Gospel Centered

All aspects of this training are founded on the premise that Christians are "one in Christ" (Galatians 3:28).

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