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Film to Life

Fragile Strength is a story about poverty, schools, and our need for each other.

Fragile Strength  presents a unique opportunity to support a local, high quality film that will inspire our community to engage in  school partnerships so that students have what they need to flourish.

If knowledge is power, education is one of the most valuable resources a person can have. But for many students, a quality education stands behind a mountain of obstacles. This film will paint a clear and realistic picture of what those obstacles are, and it will generate momentum around collaborative school partnerships that will empower students to learn and grow.


Our Emmy award-winning team is led by director Chris Weatherly, a local filmmaker with over 20 years of experience in both photography and video. See his director reel below, and check out his other projects at www.chrisweatherly.com.


Chris is joined by writer/co-producer Jonathan Boettcher, who made his screenwriting debut with the Emmy-Award-Winning short film Left Turn and has since written and co-produced Care, Left Turn II, and Intervene.


Sarah Inman joined the For Evansville team last year as the Director of Operations and will be serving as a producer on this project. She has a history in radio broadcasting and has extensive experience in video production as well.


Ross Chapman serves as executive producer for this team, capitalizing on his deep involvement and commitment to the Evansville community. His research and relationships within the community play a vital role during the listening phase of each film project.

As For Evansville's communication coordinator, Adrienne Gregurich will keep you informed about the film's progress on Instagram and Facebook and send you exclusive updates via email if you support the film.


This film would not be possible without the help of the other excellent filmmakers, actors, and funders who join us on these projects.





Our goal is $10,000. We work hard to find as many ways as possible to save on costs so that no dollar is wasted. All of our films utilize several volunteer actors and crew in free venue space in pursuit of this goal.

Pick a level from the list below and we'll include a cool reward for your support! With each level, you'll get that reward plus the lower tiers, so the more support, the more goods. 

Thanks for being For Evansville!