For Evansville is a social entrepreneurial organization committed to cultivating collaboration among churches and community leaders for the common good.
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Foster a neutral space and the relational trust necessary for collaboration


Develop tools and resources that set the conditions for city transformation.


Shift culture by highlighting the city's needs & dreams, celebrating what is good, and inspiring empathy.

Our Approach



Left Turn Productions

Films that shift the public conversation on key issues by asking the right questions

For the City Series

A gathering for local nonprofits aimed at cultivating collaboration and discovering best practices

10 X 10 X 10

10 Leaders having 10 Lunches over 10 Months; a scheduling tool to build trust and relationship through 1-on-1 meetings


City Shelf

An online collection of resources for Christians who want to contribute to the flourishing of their city

One Community One Church

A quarterly gathering for Church leaders aimed at mobilizing the Church at the intersection of God's mission, the Church's callings & capacities, and the city's needs and dreams

Twenty Days

A 20-day email prayer guide written by Evansville leaders, informing Christians about and encouraging them to pray for specific issues in our community



Founder & President
Ross Chapman
Communications & Storytelling
Jonathan Boettcher
Foster Care Coalition
Mike Sheagren