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Call-to-Action Video


3-minute video of Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and State Representative Wendy McNamara highlighting the need for foster families and appealing to the Church to respond.

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An inspiring 6-minute film from Left Turn Productions that provides a glimpse into Evansville's foster care system and shows how anyone can be part of the solution.

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CARE | Behind the Story

A 6-minute documentary featuring the interviews on which Care is based, including insight from local foster care workers and foster parents.

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Graphics Package


One Church One Child images for social media, slides, and print.

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Guest Speaker / Lobby Table


A limited number of representatives from local foster care agencies who have made themselves available to answer questions from stage or in your lobby.

Coffee Sleeves


Simple coffee sleeves pointing to the landing page where people can learn more about how they can help confront the foster care crisis.

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Informational Handout


A three-page PDF document with frequently asked questions about foster care as well as next steps.

Talking Points

  • Almost 1,000 children in Vanderburgh County have been placed in foster care, but there are only about 150 foster families to care for them.

  • While the need seems overwhelming, local experts have said that 150 foster families would reverse the shortage, and that number is well within the reach of the nearly 250 churches in Evansville.

  • Increasing the number of foster families may seem like a band-aid solution for a much bigger problem, but 75% of foster care cases are the result of generational patterns of behavior. Foster care is one way to intervene in that cycle.

  • Children in foster care are more likely to experience homelessness, incarceration, teen pregnancy, and substance abuse.

  • Foster care is a great way to respond to Jesus' command to love our neighbors and demonstrate his love to children in care, to the community, and to your biological children.

  • Kids in foster care share similar circumstances with orphans we often support oversees, whose parents are living but are unable or unwilling to take care of them.

  • You don't have to be a foster parent to be part of the solution. There are a number of ways to support foster families and children in foster care.

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