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S3 EP6: They give a’zip

About this episode


"We believe that to be a good, valued member of the community, we can’t just sell pizza. We have to give back. We have to contribute in ways that are tangible and make a difference."
In 2021, Evansville voted for Azzip as not only the best pizza in town, but also the best business that gives back. We’re always looking to celebrate and share stories of people and organizations that are for Evansville. As personal fans, we wanted to sit down with Andy Niemeier, Co-CEO of Azzip, and talk about their continually growing reputation. Not surprisingly, we were met with a story about the mutual relationship between the community and a local business.

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Help kids flourish through school partnerships

Andy from Azzip mentioned supporting schools because those students will be future employees. Explore school partnerships. 

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