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15: These kids could be ambassadors

We're launching this episode a few days early in celebration of HOLA Evansville's Latino Festival this weekend (August 28)!

We don't often think of Evansville as a multicultural city, but in Marisela's words: "Wrong! We've got it! We've got it here!"

She's been doing great work celebrating, exposing, and just genuinely enjoying the different cultures and people groups represented in Evansville. With great tips on how to start conversations to YouTube videos to salsa recipes, Marisela works hard to bring an atmosphere of multicultural celebration and peace to our city.


Marisela De la Parra, Experience Facilitator at Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library


Marisela's YouTube playlists with EVPL: La Hora del Cuento (Marisela and her puppet, Pepis) Salsa of the Month Around the World in Evansville


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