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18: These aren't issues, these are human beings that need food

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Being involved with over 26 local non-profits, our guest Lisa Vaughan has a good pulse on the needs and dreams of our city. During the quarantine, she used that knowledge to shed a light on one of Evansville’s biggest needs - food insecurity. After making a lot of phone calls and bringing people together, Feed Evansville was born, working together with community organizations to provide boxes of food to our entire city during the pandemic, and the work still continues today.

Knowing she can’t do the work alone, Lisa’s story is especially inspiring due to her go-getter yet humble attitude, and how she truly loves the people in our city through her actions.

“I think we make life about issues, and what I’m doing has nothing to do with issues, it has to do with people. These aren’t issues, these are human beings that need food.” - Lisa

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