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A Safe Distance

An Evansville resident shares inspiring stories that explore what the COVID-19 pandemic can teach us about drawing close to those in need.

This interview is part of a larger documentary project highlighting what the pandemic can teach us about Evansville's challenges and how we can confront them together.

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In the early onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a local nonprofit found a way to mobilize local Churches to love their neighbors who were facing unique challenges.

Community One's website features an online platform that connects volunteer teams to housing repair needs throughout the city. In less than 2 weeks, that platform was completely re-tooled to create a new website where anyone in the city could request with COVID-related needs.

Evansville residents could ask to have groceries or supplies delivered to them, request prayer or a friendly phone call, and find referrals for financial assistance.

These requests were then made available to volunteers who had been vetted by local churches. Each approved volunteer could sign in to view requests by category or location, and then contact the resident directly to love and serve them.

In the few months that the site was live, over 1,000 needs were met by over 300 volunteers.

Because the site is intended to function as a crisis response tool, the request function has been deactivated for the time being, but Community One continues to develop other tools to help the Church love and serve our neighbors.

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