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Ensuring that every child in the foster care system has a loving and stable home


In 2017, there were almost 1,000 kids in foster care in Vanderburgh County, but only 150 foster families. Evansville's foster care system is overwhelmed.

The number of children entering the foster care system each year is higher than it has ever been, and there simply aren't enough foster families to care for the kids who are being removed.

In some cases, children are being placed with families in other counties, sometimes hours away from their homes and schools. In other cases, they aren't being removed at all and may be left in potentially dangerous situations.

What's being done?

The good news is, there are people and organizations working together to address this problem.

This collaborative called the Foster Care Coalition, has worked together since 2018 to mobilize the community, specifically focusing on the faith community, in response to Evansville’s foster care crisis.

Since their start in 2018 the Foster Care Coalition has had x number of organization join the collaborative, x number of families become foster parents, and most recently, worked with the mayor to declare May as Foster Care Awareness Month in Evansville.

Join the work

The following are organizations and churches that are a part of this collaborative. We encourage you explore what they’re doing and find out how you can get involved in their work. If you would like to talk to someone for more information or find where you fit, fill out the contact form below.

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Image by Austin Distel
Larry May

Larry is the State Director for Indiana Kids Belong and a former CASA.

Fill out this form to contact Larry May about connecting with the Foster Care Coalition.

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