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An inspiring short film about the harsh realities of foster care and the resolve it takes to be part of the solution.

Foster Care

This film was produced to highlight Vanderburgh County's foster care crisis. In 2017, there were about 1,000 kids in Vanderburgh county who had been removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect, yet there are only about 150 foster families in our county to care for those kids. This discrepancy far exceeds the norm.

In doing research for this project, we heard stories of kids spending the night in a DCS office because there was no place for them to go. Many of these kids are placed in foster homes in another county, and they may even be separated from their siblings.

Although the problem seems overwhelming, it is not beyond repair. Our hope with this film is to educate people about the issue - that there are children in our community who are waiting for adults to take care of them - and inspire them to take action any way they can. That may mean becoming a foster parent, volunteering with a program like CASA, or just providing support to an existing foster family.

Are you for kids?

Connect with others in our city who are working to ensure kids have stable, loving homes.

Watching a Movie

Inspire Others

Host a film screening or use this film as part of an existing event to spark conversations and inspire others to be part of the solution.



Chris Weatherly  Director/Producer/Cinematographer

Jonathan Boettcher  Writer/Producer

Leah Roop  Producer

Ross Chapman  Executive Producer

Bobby Spaulding  Gaffer

Matthew Martin  Key Grip

Toby Hitchcock  Drone Pilot

David Ross  Grip

Conner Bartek  Grip

Will Firestone  Grip

Rachel Matthew  Photographer

Shana Gogoua  Make Up Artist

Alex Boettcher  Set Design

Garrett Burton  Production Assistant

Madison Nicholson  Production Assistant


Sherry Wright

Craig Haffner

Brandon Roop

John Dunn

Bru Burger | Jeff Schuessler

Vanderburgh County CASA

Candace Chapman

Joy and Jeremy Secrest

Kyle Duckworth

Jake Duckworth

Zack Turpin

Wavelength Films

Evansville Civic Center

Matt Brookman

Suzanna Draper

Nicole Schultz

Mike Sheagren

Amanda and Andrew Hughes

Marcia Lambert

Laura Keys

Crystal Collins

Matt Breivogel

A Wavelength Films production, in association with Left Turn Productions.

Copyright 2018 For Evansville, INC.


Ashleigh Barnett CASA / Ms. Williams

Jameson Blair Dylan

Rae Hunt  Mom

Mark Dessauer  Foster Dad

Rita Hight  Foster Mom

Leah Roop  Instructor

Kathy Riordan  DCS Worker

Thomas J. Dolan  Judge

Cameron Turpin  Older Brother

Alyssa Chaffee  Abused Girl


Megan Lee

Sharon Dennis

Abril Hatfield

Mary Elizabeth Small

Brianna Perry

Celeste Hill

Hadlee Whoberry

Sydney Wilderman

Madison Nicholson

Clifton Jett Jr.

Kathy Riordan

Sean Esterline

Cindy Engleman

Autumn Williamson

Doug Gores

Katrina Joyner

Brianna Williams

Hannah Jones

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