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Left Turn

An Emmy-Award-winning short film about a middle class man whose assumptions about poverty are challenged by an unexpected encounter during his morning jog.

Neighborhood Revitalization

Though Left Turn is a fictional narrative, it reflects real circumstances. The film was produced to help viewers develop a better understanding of under-resourced neighborhoods and highlight holistic neighborhood revitalization efforts happening in and around Evansville, IN. Many components of the story are based off of real events and facts about Evansville collected through interviews and other research.

The goal of the film is to inspire viewers to embrace the neighbors near them and every neighbor living in Evansville, especially those in under-resourced areas.

Are you for neighborhood revitalization?

Connect with others in our city who are partnering with neighbors to build thriving neighborhoods.

Watching a Movie

Inspire Others

Host a film screening or use this film as part of an existing event to spark conversations and inspire others to be part of the solution.



Written by Jonathan Boettcher
Directed by Chris Weatherly
Produced by Chris Weatherly & Jonathan Boettcher
Executive Producer: Ross Chapman

Cinematographer: Chris Weatherly
Camera Operator: Toby Hitchcock
Production Assistant: Jonathan Taylor
Gaffer: David Ross


Community One
Ross Chapman
Eric Cummings
Dan Sullivan
Courtney Johnson 
Luzada Hayes

John Benton
Tamara Skinner

Chelsea McLear
Ann Parker 
Krystal Caudel

Kyle Duckworth


Runner: Matt Effinger
Worker: Mark Goines

Kids: Keagan Keller, Alek Rivera,
Kyle Ottilie, Lily Hacker

Single mom: Heather Ottilie
Tough guy: Dominick Cox
Toddler: Braylen McElwain


"Fennec" by Rob Douglas
"Believe" by Amann Hyatt
"Trash Theme" by Fabien Waltmann

All music licensed by Music X Film

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