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S1 Ep16: What skill do you have that others don’t?

About this episode


Part of our vision is that Evansville becomes a place where everyone has work that provides community value and individual purpose. That’s why we wanted to sit down and talk with Amy Bouchie - she is a great example of how this idea plays out in her own life. It wasn’t always like that for her, so in this episode, Amy shares with us her journey from seeing her career as just a job, to viewing it as a specific skill set that she could share to empower others. It left us asking ourselves the question “What unique knowledge or skills do I have, that I could offer to serve others?”

“If I have something that someone else doesn’t have, and I can afford to share my knowledge, time and resources, then that’s what I should be doing…The most selfless acts are where I’ve been the most useful.” - Amy

In this episode:

Amy Bouchie, Certified Financial Planner at New Horizons Financial Consultants

Show Notes


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