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S1 Ep20: What’s it really like to experience homelessness?

About this episode


“Just after 6 o’clock in the morning. It’s 25 degrees. It’s cold. I didn’t sleep all that well. I’m exhausted…It’d be a very different experience if I didn’t know this was going to end.” That was the perspective of State Representative Ryan Hatfield as he participated in Aurora’s Homeless Experience Project.

In this episode, Aurora’s Executive Director Zac Heronemus talks with us about his 48 hours of homelessness as well as the needs and opportunities he sees for Evansville, both as a nonprofit director and a city councilman. Special thanks to Ryan Hatfield, Wayne Hart, and Zac Heronemus for allowing us to feature clips they recorded during their 48 hours of homelessness.

In this episode:

  • Zac Heronemus (In studio with us)

  • Ryan Hatfield (Facebook Live clips)

  • Wayne Hart (Facebook Live clips)

Show Notes


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