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S2 Ep2: The City of Opportunity

About this episode


“Our ceiling is their floor.”
Theophilus Akai hails from Ghana, West Africa, and after living in multiple states in the U.S., he settled in Evansville - and loves it! Theo has a passion for music and creating spaces for people, especially kids, to learn and grow. His thoughtful commentary on exposing kids to all sorts of opportunities, not just music, inspired us to dream of ways we can invest in the younger generations to help them be for Evansville.

We have to add - we’re a bit starstruck with Theo at the moment, as you’ll hear his guitar work behind UG SKywalkin representing Indiana tonight on NBC’s American Song Contest! The first episode airs Monday, March 21 at 8/7c - check it out and cheer on Indiana with us!

Show Notes


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