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S3 Ep5: When our community wraps around homeless women

About this episode


"We're not going to change their life. We're going to give them tools to change their own life."

Have you ever noticed that you see homeless men a lot more than homeless women? Yet on any given day, Evansville averages about 300 homeless men and 200 homeless women. Why don't we see them?

In this episode, we sit down with Katrinka, the campaign manger for the future Susan H. Snyder Center for Women and Children. We talk about everything from why we don't see women and children as often as the men, what wrap-around care for women looks like, and who needs to get involved to make it work.

Support the Susan H. Snyder Center for Women and Children: ⁠email Katrinka⁠

⁠Evansville Rescue Mission⁠

⁠State of Evansville Report⁠

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