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S3 Ep7: Where we're headed

About this episode


For Evansville has a strong history of uniting the Church for the flourishing of the city. Last year, 81% of Church leaders we surveyed said they began addressing a community need because of For Evansville. 53% said they did so in collaboration with another church.

Now we're adopting an even more focused and hands-on approach to advancing human flourishing through the Church. We see this updated vision, mission, and strategic plan as a more focused expression of the change we've been pursuing from the beginning and the natural next step for For Evansville.

In this episode, Jonathan Boettcher, Sarah Inman, and the For Evansville Board Chair, John Benton, talk about where this new language came from, and how we hope to pursue it within our city in this exciting future.

Show Notes


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