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Frequently Asked Questions




Why does our community need a shared database across service providers?

When service providers (nonprofits, local government, churches, and schools) share information with one another, two powerful changes happen:

  • Individuals and families with a need are served more effectively as service providers have access to a clearer understanding of those needs.

  • The generosity of our community has a greater impact as duplicate services are reduced and, in the long term, agency personnel will spend less time doing database management.

Why CharityTracker?


CharityTracker has the potential to revolutionize how the Greater Evansville Area addresses poverty in our community by making a holistic approach to addressing individual and family needs possible.


The shared database is a power tool for moving an increasing amount of people in our community towards independence (self-sustainability).


CharityTracker has been around since 2007 and is being used in over 1,788 cities throughout the country, including 29 areas in Indiana.  (Click here to see who is using CharityTracker.)  


In what ways does CharityTracker provide better collaboration among providers?

The first step toward better collaboration is open communication.


CharityTracker gives service providers who want to collaborate a tool to share information securely, accurately, and immediately without phone calls, emails, and meetings.

The path to independence often requires many organizations working together on a shared outcome.  CharityTracker provides the unique space for these organizations to work in tandem towards the outcomes clients desire.

The closed-loop referral feature within CharityTracker allows agencies to safely and confidently refer requests or needs to other agencies.  The referring agency is able to track the progress of that referral to completion and follow up if needed throughout the process.  

Who are the primary users of CharityTracker? 
  • Agencies

  • Nonprofits

  • Churches

  • City and County Governments



What types of services are best suited to CharityTracker?


  • Case Management

  • Clothing Bank

  • Direct Financial Assistance

    • Housing/Rent

    • Utility

    • Transportation

  • Indirect Financial Assistance

    • Job Programs

    • GED

    • Financial Counseling

    • Food Pantry 

What is the cost to my organization?

Because For Evansville works to bring people together to solve our region’s most pressing needs, the cost of joining and using CharityTracker is $0.  For Evansville has paid and will continue to pay the subscription costs for the entire Greater Evansville CharityTracker Network.


Privacy & Security

How does someone gain access to CharityTracker?

All organizations must sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and be approved by For Evansville prior to gaining access to CharityTracker.


Once an organization has been approved, individual users within that organization can be invited to join CharityTracker


What individuals have access to CharityTracker?

Every approved organization agrees to maintain a high level of confidentiality by signing the Memorandum of Understanding. Therefore, only individuals who are employed by, or who are trusted volunteers of, an approved organization may have access to CharityTracker.


Individuals no longer employed by or associated with an approved organization will have CharityTracker access removed.


Can I share my log-in with others within my organization?

No, each authorized user MUST have his/her own unique log-in.  Please do not share log-in information with anyone inside or outside your organization.  This ensures only approved individuals have CharityTracker access.



What about website cyber security?  Who’s in charge of that?

Simon Solutions, the creator of CharityTracker, has a team of professionals making sure the data within the shared database is secure.  Click the link to learn more.



Can landlords, local utilities, or debt collectors see what information is in CharityTracker?


No, only organizations working with our region’s poverty community who have been approved by For Evansville can access the system.  CharityTracker access is only granted to entities providing assistance and whose primary objective is to help individuals and families move out of poverty and into self-sufficiency.


What is a Release of Information?

When a new case is entered into CharityTracker, a Release of Information (ROI) signed by the person being served is required to allow personal information to be shared within the Greater Evansville CharityTracker Network.  This ROI is valid for 3 years.  A banner will alert users when a new ROI is needed.



What client information is seen by other users?

All client data and records within a case file is public within the Greater Evansville CharityTracker Network unless marked Agency Only.  


Can I enter all assistance records as Agency Only?


Yes but it is not recommended.  Other organizations uniquely equipped to serve your clients will not have access to vital information if the case file is labeled Agency Only. 


If an agency marks a large majority of their cases as “Agency Only,” For Evansville retains the right to request payment from that agency for using the shared database more like the agency’s siloed database.


What happens when I refer a request to another agency?

An email is sent to all approved agents of the agency being referred the request alerting them of the referral.  The referring agency can track that request to make sure the request is addressed by the agency it was sent to.  The agency receiving the request can track it internally to make sure it is addressed.



How can I get historical assistance records into CharityTracker and is there a fee?

A CSV file can be uploaded right into CharityTracker.  For assistance with this, please contact

The charge for a database import is at the rate of $150 per hour. Most imports usually take 1 or 2 hours ($150-$300) to complete; however, a quote will be provided before any import is done. 


For more FAQ’s, please visit

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Still have questions?

Regina Stephenson is managing Charity Tracker for the Greater Evansville Area

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