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Tepe Park

A resident-led initiative for positive and sustainable change

Are you for Tepe Park?

About Tepe Park

The Tepe Park Love Your Neighborhood initiative aims to bring wholistic restoration to neighbors and neighborhoods. Tepe Park residents bringing together neighbors and community stakeholders to achieve lasting sustainable change to their neighborhood.

Everyone – regardless of where they live – wants the same things for their homes, families, and neighborhoods. Tepe Park is a neighborhood with nearly 1,900 residents located one mile from downtown Evansville. Our neighborhood has a wealth of assets, including a unique park and clubhouse, community gardens, historic architecture, businesses, churches, and beautiful trees. Neighbors are Tepe Park’s greatest asset! Our neighbors are real people with names, stories, and gifts to share – knowledge, abilities, talents, skills, and passions. When we are connected, we have the power and ability to create the change we want to see in our neighborhood.


Long periods of disinvestment have led to challenges in center city neighborhoods. Tepe Park is no exception with the highest poverty (37%) and abandoned-dilapidated housing (34%) rates in Evansville.

However, Tepe Park neighbors have chosen to move away from a deficits-based approach. They have come together instead to voice their hopes and dreams, and share their priorities aligned into three focus areas: Livability, Youth & Lifelong Learning, and Neighboring & Community. Neighbors are joining together to harness the power of community to revitalize the neighborhood and we need your help. This strategic framework amplifies neighborhood strengths, aligns neighbors’ desires, builds positive momentum towards action, and guides revitalization efforts for the next several years.

Working Together

Join a Neighborhood Action Team.
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Join the Work

Image by Austin Distel
Austin Maxheimer

Austin is the Neighborhood Revitalization Director at Community One. 

Fill out this form to contact Austin about connecting with the work happening in Tepe Park.

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