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The story of a woman's struggle to recover from addiction and trauma, told from the perspective of her teenage son.

Addiction & Isolation

As with all of our films, this fictional narrative is based on a series of interviews and research in order to authentically address real circumstances in the Evansville, Indiana area. A recurring theme that appears in almost all of our research and listening is the damage caused by isolation.​

This story emphasizes how isolation and trauma are both causes and results of substance abuse, and how the shame and social stigma of addiction drive a person further into isolation.

In 2014, Vanderburgh County was ranked as the community with the most methamphetamine use in the world. Since then, methamphetamine use has dropped drastically, but Indiana continues to be the state with the 7th highest rate of drug use and addiction.

According to local experts, trauma and isolation are the driving forces behind the substance abuse habits of most addicts, and substance abuse is a leading contributor to countless other issues in the community, including foster care, unemployment, infant mortality, and suicide.

Are you for mental wellness?

Connect with others in our city who are promoting the mental health of Evansville.

Watching a Movie

Inspire Others

Host a film screening or use this film as part of an existing event to spark conversations and inspire others to be part of the solution.



Chris Weatherly Director/Producer/Cinematographer

Jonathan Boettcher Writer/Producer

Leah Roop Producer

Ross Chapman Executive Producer

Matthew Martin Key Grip

Mike Reyes Assistant Cinematographer

Hunter Curry Assistant Cinematographer

Nate Spicer Gaffer

Toby Hitchcock  Second Assistant Cinematographer

David Ross Grip

Alex Boettcher  Production Design/Vanity

Joy Secrest  Art Director

Shelby Lashley  Production Assistant

Garrett Burton  Production Assistant

Sidney Mustin  Production Assistant

Jeff Abell  Production Assistant

Damon Smith  Photographer


Welborn Baptist Foundation

Evansville Police Department

Claire Ballard, HOT96

Townsquare Media

Ange Humphrey, Local Lifestyles

Bethel Church

Dave Schwambach

Joe Atkinson

Becky Koker

Katy Adams, Stepping Stone

Monte Guinean, Drug Task Force

Steven Lockyear, Vanderburgh County Coroner

Bob Seymore

A Wavelength Films production, in association with Left Turn Productions.

Copyright 2019 For Evansville, INC.


Sarah Cleveland Mom

Jacob Seger Son

Blake Hollins  Police Officer

Kathy Riordan  DCS Social Worker

Hannah Jones  Pedestrian

Jennifer Vela  Pedestrian

Ellie Parker DCS Office Worker

Rita Hight 911 Dispatcher

Jessica Hillyard  Neighbor

Mark Goines  Runner

Matt Effinger Runner


Bill Collins

Bob Seymore


Juli Collins

Jeremy Evans

Brandon Dean

Cameron Trejo

Amanda Schmitt

Misty Voelker Minar

Jaci Gorrell

Kenton & Anna Hargis

Larry May

Tyler Cooper

Mark Schminke

Ruth Yeager

Meghan Gries


Brett Hirt

Randy Notter

Brandon & Leah Roop

Mountain City

Eric Swanson

Matthew Gladbach

Geoff Collins

John Hayden

Tim Deisher

Matt & Bobbie Bernhardt

Sheila Huff

Jon Headlee

Jani Reisinger


Perry McClain

Steve and Mary Ann Burris

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