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A Unified Strategy to Advance Human Flourishing through the Church

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40% of 14,000 marginalized kids on a path to upward mobility by 2030

Why Kids?
2030 goal

A city for marginalized kids is a city for everyone.

This unified strategy focuses on marginalized kids because they are often the ones most affected by systemic barriers to flourishing.

Addressing these barriers for them means advancing human flourishing for everyone.

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Current Reality

Transforming Systems Together

A Network Approach to Complex Challenges

True community transformation requires diverse partners from various sectors working together. This strategic plan pursues systemic change through four collaborative action networks.


Empowering Focused Collaboration
Across these networks, For Evansville convenes those working most closely with the people affected by systemic barriers.

We provide the support they need to collaborate around a unified strategy and lead with a unified voice while also remaining focused on the specific people and places they serve.

Integrating the
Local Church

84% of people in our region identify as Christian, as do most of the leaders serving marginalized kids.

A key part of scaling what works will include integrating the local Church to become advocates and partners.

Storytelling & Sensemaking

Through films, podcasts, social media, and events we:​


  • Elevate the voices and stories of marginalized kids

  • Highlight solutions that work

  • Develop empathy and inspire people to join the movement

Developing & Convening Leaders

Through the Global Leadership Summit and gatherings for Church and community leaders we:

  • Build trust among local leaders

  • Guide leaders to pursue common good in their sphere of influence

  • Help leaders find their place in a network

Missional Formation & Sending

Through citywide prayer and missional training opportunities we:​

  • Connect the deeply-held beliefs of Christians to the needs of our city

  • Equip followers of Jesus to pursue common good

  • Integrate everyday Christians and Church communities into collaborative action networks

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Advance Flourishing Across Five Counties

This unified strategy will employ a regional approach that includes 
Vanderburgh, Posey, Gibson, Warrick, and Henderson Counties.


Will you join us?

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Sustain long-term systemic change by becoming an on-going partner.

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