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S2 EP13: “Nothing about us without us:” Awareness, Acceptance, Autism & Art.

About this episode


Most likely, you’ve seen someone stimming, or fidgeting to help their nervous systems process what they see, hear or feel. For neurotypical people, this may look like toe tapping or pen clicking. For neurodiverse individuals, it can look like turning in circles, rocking back and forth or a wide variety of movements or sounds. The Evansville Museum’s current exhibit highlights these movements by using motion capture software and 3D imaging of people stimming.

In this episode, we have Karen Malone, Curator of Education at the Evansville Museum and Casey DePriest, Founder and CEO of Optimal Rhythms, an organization dedicated to assisting Autistic people and allowing them to reach their highest potential through different programs and education. Together they talk about the exhibit, how it changes the narrative around stimming, and how Evansville can give a voice to our neurodiverse community.

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