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We bring people together  to solve our city's most  pressing needs. 

For Evansville is an intermediary organization that helps churches, nonprofits, and community leaders work together to address systemic challenges in our city.

Find Out How

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foster relational trust among leaders

Transformation happens at the speed of trust. We create neutral environments where leaders gather to build trust and gain missional clarity around the needs and dreams of our city.



overcome barriers inhibiting collaboration

Even among organizations that value collaboration, working together is a challenge. We develop tools and resources that make collaboration possible.



create a compelling narrative about
our city's needs and dreams

Stories are the lens through which we see and make sense of the world. We provide a lens that challenges assumptions, inspires empathy, and envisions a better future.


guide key players to envision and execute actionable paths to flourishing

Our constant listening and regular interactions with a wide scope of community leaders gives us a high-level perspective that we're able to share with leaders as they steer our city toward flourishing.




Centered Set Collaboration

working together around common passions, not commonalities

A "bounded set" is grouped according to a common trait or belief, a boundary that determines whether you're "in" or "out." If you're a member of a faith tradition, political party, or fan club, it's because you have something in common with the other members.

By contrast, a "centered set" is grouped according to a common goal. If you and I are both striving for the same outcome, we can work together, bringing all of our unique differences to bear on the issue we're seeking to address.

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Faith Friendly,

Faith Focused

fostering environments where collaborators can bring their whole self

For Evansville is motivated by the Christian story that through Jesus, God is making all things new, and we operate in the areas where that story overlaps with the city's needs and dreams. We believe those are the spaces in which everyone can work together.

Some of our initiatives focus on fostering those collaborative environments where everyone can work together for the common good (faith friendly), while others focus specifically on mobilizing the Church into those spaces (faith focused).


Our Team

Jonathan Boettcher

President & Executive Director

Jonathan is a University of Evansville graduate and a two-time Emmy-award-winning writer and producer.

Regina Stephenson

CharityTracker Manager

Regina has worked in the financial world as a CPA with business and nonprofit organizations across Indiana

Sarah Inman

Director of Operations

Sarah came to Evansville for college, and it became home. She has been a part of Evansville for 20 years

Adrienne Gregurich

Communications Coordinator

Adrienne is an Evansville native with a degree in Media Communications from Taylor University.

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