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Evansville Network of Diversion

Diverting individuals and families from shelter using diversion conversations and coordinated community support

Are you for homelessness prevention?

About END

Evansville Network of Diversion (END) works to address the housing crisis by empowering clients with problem-solving skills and finding creative solutions to prevent individuals and families from entering shelters when possible.

The network officially began in July of 2018 and includes two types of organizations. Level One organizations conduct diversion/prevention conversations with a client, which may resolve their housing crisis, extend temporary placement, and/or make a referral to level two services.

Level Two organizations have the training and capacity to dive deeper with a client to actually resolve the housing crisis.


About 20% of those experiencing homelessness in Evansville could be diverted.

Diversion is a client-driven creative solution for housing crises. Diversion conversations use powerful questions to lead a client to creative solutions, empowering them to develop problem-solving skills for the future.

Working Together

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