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Collaborating to ensure long-term sustainability of quality housing and strong neighborhoods for all

Are you for affordable housing?

About House

Housing Organizations United Serving Evansville (HOUSE) is a community coalition established in 2014 to amplify community awareness, resources, advocacy and support for safe, affordable housing in Evansville, Indiana.

The coalition is made up of non-profit housing organizations and developers, for-profit developers and the local government, all committed to ensuring long-term sustainability of quality housing and strong neighborhoods for all. Through HOUSE, member organizations are leveraging their individual strengths and areas of expertise for a much broader impact.


Evansville needs 3,000 more affordable housing units.

Housing has a critical role in the overall health, well-being and stability of society's most important assets: our neighbors, children and families.

Housing experts agree that homelessness keeps families trapped in a "here and now" cycle where a good day is defined as securing the next family meal or a warm bed tonight for their children.

More sustainable solutions such as a better job, education, and securing links to social capital are simply unattainable for families that are not housed. Experts agree that a housing-first approach allows families to begin achieving stability, which sets them on a much quicker path to self-sufficiency and a more sustainable life.

Working Together

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