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About House

Housing Organizations United Serving Evansville (HOUSE) is a community coalition established in 2014 to amplify community awareness, resources, advocacy and support for safe, affordable housing in Evansville, Indiana.

The coalition is made up of non-profit housing organizations and developers, for-profit developers and the local government, all committed to ensuring long-term sustainability of quality housing and strong neighborhoods for all. Through HOUSE, member organizations are leveraging their individual strengths and areas of expertise for a much broader impact.


Evansville needs 3,000 more affordable housing units.

Housing has a critical role in the overall health, well-being and stability of society's most important assets: our neighbors, children and families.

Housing experts agree that homelessness keeps families trapped in a "here and now" cycle where a good day is defined as securing the next family meal or a warm bed tonight for their children.

More sustainable solutions such as a better job, education, and securing links to social capital are simply unattainable for families that are not housed. Experts agree that a housing-first approach allows families to begin achieving stability, which sets them on a much quicker path to self-sufficiency and a more sustainable life.

Working Together


Nonprofit preventing and striving to end homelessness


The Community Action Program of Evansville

City of Evansville

Municipal government.

Community One

Christian Community Development Corportation

ECHO Housing

Nonprofit providing housing, help, and hope

ERS Management

Property management company

Evansville Commission on Homelessness

Overseer/facilitator of the ten-year plan to end homelessness

Habitat for Humanity

Nonprofit constructing affordable homes​

HOPE of Evansville

Home ownership center providing financial counseling and education

Memorial CDC

Christian Community Development Corporation​

Old National Bank

Regional bank based in Evansville​


Family Shelter​

Vanderburgh Community Foundation

A charitable resource devoted to our local community


Utilities Company​

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