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Resilient Evansville

Nurturing resilience and mental wellness among children in Evansville

Are you for kids?

About Resilient Evansville

Resilient Evansville helps young people thrive by nurturing their resilience and giving them the ability to move forward with optimism and confidence.

This collaborative movement is about intentionally developing kids' strengths through caring adult relationships, helpful resources and hopeful thinking. Learn more at

Why Kids Need Resilience

Resilience enables children to thrive despite challenging circumstances.

Nurturing resilience in kids and teens gives them the ability to adapt and succeed in the face of adverse childhood experiences, stress, and trauma. Building resilience often involves developing healthy, consistent relationships with trusted adults.

You learn more about resilience by listening to our podcast episode on mental wellness.

Working Together

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Join the Work

Image by Austin Distel
Emily Reidford

Emily is the Vice President, Community Outreach & Education of Easterseals Rehabilitation Center

Fill out this form to contact Emily Reidford about connecting with Resilient Evansville.

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