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contribute to the flourishing of your city

There are a lot of great organizations that help our city flourish. We help those organizations accomplish more together than they can on their own. 
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5 ways your donation helps our city flourish

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Help our kids flourish through school partnerships

Your donation allows for films and other forms of storytelling to shed light on areas of opportunity in our city. Our most recent film, Fragile Strength, focuses on poverty, schools, and our need for each other. 


Highlight and celebrate good work through our podcast

Your donation allows us to continue sharing unique stories through our podcast about how people are working together to help make Evansville a place where everyone can flourish.


Help people understand the needs of our city 

Your donation allows us to research and compile data about our region that is easy to understand. Our State of E report motivates and mobilizes leaders to address these areas to make Evansville a place where everyone can flourish. 


Help people imagine an Evansville where everyone can flourish 

Your donation helps put on events like Imagine Evansville to bring people together to listen to the dreams of our city and discuss how to make them a reality. 

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Help agencies provide person- centric care

Your donation helps nonprofits, local government, churches, and schools to share information securely, accurately, and immediately to provide the right help at the right time to people through CharityTracker.

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